Itinerary 3

The third one of the series of our “London by Foot” itineraries! 

(Click on the links to go to Itinerary 1 and Itinerary 2)

You can do them all in a couple of days or mix them as you like!

This one is a bit long so I have divided it in two parts.

This is an interactive map so you can explore it by clicking on the icons.


Start at Piccadilly Circus, famous for the  neon signs and video displays, and the statue of Eros.

To get there by underground use Piccadilly or Bakerloo lines.

snapseed-01 Piccadilly

Eu achava mais legal quando os letreiros não eram digitais: minha mãe e um desconhecido - 1994
I liked it better in the old days – my mum and a guy – 1994

But if you are continuing the itinerary 2, coming from Green Park, go up Piccadilly road passing by interesting places like Fortnum & Mason, an upmarket department store that started as a  grocery shop, in 1707. 

O símbolo em cima da janela, acima do relógio, é um Royal Warranty, e significa que o estabelecimento serve à Família Real!
The symbol above the clock is a Royal Warranty and it means they supply goods to the Royal Family.

You can have the Afternoon Tea at Queen Elizabeth’s favourite tea house.

E tem muitas guloseimas também!
There are lots of fancy candies and chocolates that make a perfect gift!

When you arrive at Piccadilly Circus, “get lost” in the biggest souvenir shop in London, Cool Britannia!

O que não falta em Piccadilly Circus é loja de souvenirs, mas esta é a mais famosa!
There are lots of other souvenirs shops in Piccadilly Circus, but this is the most famous one!

If you like weird stuff, visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not, a 6 storey museum full of curious and bizarre objects, inspired by Robert L. Ripley’s collection, “a cartoonist, explorer, reporter, adventurer, and collector, who travelled to 201 countries in 35 years seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained”. IMG_8419-01

Walking to Leceister Square, you can enter M&Ms World, the largest candy store in the world!


In the square you find the TKTS booth where you can buy London theatre tickets and West End shows, seven days a week with, some with good discounts.


And how about some Chinese food for lunch? Chinatown is just few steps north from Leceister Square.

Até as placas das ruas são traduzidas para o chinês.
Even the street names are translated to Chinese.

It is a bit of a difficult task finding the best restaurant. Most of them have hanging ducks by the window!

photogrid_1422543634553 logo


My favourite dish is “crispy aromatic duck”: a little pancake with shredded duck, spring onions, cucumber and plum sauce. Delicious!

photogrid_1422543462053 logo


After lunch, go for some shopping in Seven Dials e and a little stroll on the charming Neal’s Yard?

Seven Dials é a junção de sete ruas, em Covent Garden, partindo de uma pequena praça circular. O pilar no meio da praça tem seis relógios de sol (sundials) porque foi encomendado antes da alteração do plano original.
Seven Dials is the junction of 7 streets, in Covent Garden. In the centre is pillar with six dials – it was commissioned before the alteration of the original plan for six roads.

snapseed-13 SD map

Partindo desse beco entre duas ruas de Seven Dials você chega ao Neal’s Yard, um pequeno pátio colorido, cercado de lanchonetes de comidas orgânicas e lojas de aromaterapia.
This small alley between two roads opens to  Neal’s Yard, a colourful courtyard full of healthy food cafes and aromatherapy shops.

This is the end of part 1 and you can head straight to the Covent Garden market.


PART 2 (if you are starting from here, take the underground to Holborn station – Central or Piccadilly lines)

Walking through Covent Garden streets and alleys, you get to John Soane’s Museum,  the historic house and museum of 19th century architect Sir John Soane.

Drawing Room
Drawing Room – “Courtesy of the Trustees of Sir John Soane’s Museum”

But if you love the art and science of surgery, explore the Hunterian, in the Royal College of Surgeons.

Foto divulgação

In between the two museums is the small park Lincon’s Inn Fields. You can sit and rest for a moment and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Para ir do John Soane's para o Hunterian, passe por dentro do parque.

Walking by Bell Yard, surrounding the Royal Courts of Justice, you get to Fleet Street.


snapseed-25 RCJ

What about a drink at The Old Bank of England… and a pie, if you are brave enough!?

snapseed-27 OBE


The Pub, built in a former branch of the Bank of England, is also famous because it lies between the site of the barber shop owned by Sweeney Todd, ‘The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ and the pie shop owned by Mrs Lovett, his mistress.


But if you prefer a “cuppa”, visit Twinnings tea house and museum!


After you quench your thirst, with tea or beer, go back to  Covent Garden via the Strand, passing by Somerset House, a major cultural centre that programmes contemporary art and design exhibitions.

snapseed-33 SH
During the summer 55 fountains dance in the courtyard, and in the winter you can skate in London’s favourite ice rink.

In Covent Garden you find the Royal Opera House (click here to find out what’s on) and the London Transport Museum.

snapseed-36 ROH

snapseed-37 TM

There are also loads of lovely little shops.

Em Covent Garden, as lojas de grife se misturam às barraquinhas de artesanato.
In Covent Garden, the designer shops get mixed with the market stalls.

And to end a perfect day, how about a perfect dinner at Jamie’s Italian? Click here to make a  reservation. 

Jamie's Italian Covent Garden
Jamie’s Italian Covent Garden

There is also the Jamie’s Union Jack inside Covent Garden market!

Jamie Oliver Union Jack - Covent Garden Market
Jamie Oliver Union Jack – Covent Garden Market

In Covent Garden there are lots of street performers and buskers.

Click on the video for a little taste:

This itinerary is just one of a thousand ideas of what to do in London.

We can make a tailor made one just for!

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