Itinerary 4

Another one of my favourite London walks.

This is an interactive map so you can explore it by clicking on the icons.  

It starts at St John’s Wood tube station, on the Jubilee line, where you can get to the famous zebra crossing from the Beatles album cover, “Abbey Road”.

ATTENTION: the DLR station “Abbey Road” is far away from there! 


There is also the Studio where they recorded most of their albums. 

Fans from all over the world leave messages expressing their love for the “Fab Four” on the wall!

Abbey studio
The wall is painted every 3 months so there is always space for new messages!

Click here for a virtual tour of the studios.

Bellow is a little video with Leo and Nathalia, from the blog Prazer Mundo, crossing the road just like the Beatles!

A little further you will find one of the homes of Sir Paul McCartney and, if you are lucky, you might bump into him and say hello, goodbye…

Paul comprou a casa em 1965 e se mudou em 1966.
Paul bought the house in 1965 and moved in 1966.

Strolling and enjoying one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in London, where several other famous people live or have lived, including Liam Gallagher, of Oasis, and the model Kate Moss, you arrive at Primrose Hill.



The park is small and delightful and in addition to the famed neighbours who walk their dogs or jog in the morning, it has one of the most amazing views of the city!



After you take pictures and enjoy the park, downhill you find The Queens pub, fancy a pint?


Just in front you can spot the house where Friederich Engels, political philosopher and friends with Karl Marx, lived.


Em Londres várias casas tem essa plquinha azul, que significa que alguém ilustre morou ali.
You can find several places in London that have a blue plaque like that, indicating that someone famous has lived or worked there.

It is told that spies would be in the pub to see who came to the house – there were meetings every Sunday that rounded up Communists and Socialists in ardent debates and a lot of beer.

Pub 2

After quenching your thirst, the walk continues through the charming neighbourhood, with colourful houses, restaurants and adorable shops.




Going down the canal you get to Camden Lock, the first of the Camden Town markets and, to me, the coolest.




You can find food from all over the world in the Global Kitchen!

Barracas de comida de vários lugares do mundo!

And you can always get a little bit to try (check the video bellow).

A barraca da Kim ganhou o prêmio de melhor comida de rua de 2015!
Kim Vietnamese food won the “Best Food Award” for 2015!

You can just sample some of the food and go and have lunch at  Poppies, an award winning Fish and Chips restaurantwith a vibrant and authentic atmosphere of the 50’s.


And if you are a fan of Amy Whinehouse, how about a drink in the Hawley Arms, one of the best alternative pubs in London and the singer’s favourite!



Amy costumava servir os clientes do Pub.
Amy used to serve pints at the Pub – foto .

After eating and resting a bit, it is time to explore the Stables Market – 700 shops and stalls selling everything you can think about, perfect to get gifts for your friends and family.


Cafezinho servido direto de um
And how about a coffee from a “black cab”, the traditional London taxi?!
Essa é uma das lojas mais loucas que eu já vi!
This is one of the craziest shops I have ever seen!

There are lots of bronze sculptures to remind us that it used to be a horse hospital.


And how about a picture with Amy?

Amy statue

On the main street the shops have funky facades.

Look out for well-known people mingled with the tourists. 


high street

Hello Mr Bean!

good mixer

The Good Mixer was where Amy Winehouse used to go to play pool!


Going back to the lock, you can either get a boat or walk to Little Venice through the Regent’s Canal.


The “green carpet” is formed by an algae called “duckweed”. In the background you can see Amy Winehouse being taken by angels!

But if you are tired and ready to go home, you can take the tube at Camden Town or Chalk Farm stations.

You can also get a bus – the number 31, takes you to Notting Hill and Portobello Road.

This itinerary is just one of a thousand ideas of what to do in London.

We can make a tailor made one just for!

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